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We are StrapFreak



Company Profile

StrapFreak is a boutique of handmade watchstraps that is calling for some of leading designers over the world whom had years of experience and uniqueness, to bring varieties of premium leather goods that meets the desire of your pleasure to own something luxury and exclusive for complete your day.

Here, we provide the best taste of vintage, classic, exotic, elegant, and unlimited handmade creations, and bring them closer to you with regard to strengthen your public identity as a true watchstraps admirer.

In short, StrapFreak is the best portal to the aftermarket strap world where watch enthusiast look for best strap combo to match up their watches.  And when it comes the time for us to get closer to you, you’re gonna wish you had more.


Five Reasons to Purchase with us

  1. Best Price Guarantee: You won’t find any price lower than StrapFreak.com

  2. Largest Straps Collections: Hundreds Ready Stock, Thousands Custom Order Design, Unlimited Watches Brands

  3. FREE Shipping for Both Domestic and International Order: Please read the full shipping service and policy here

  4. FREE Credit Card / PayPal Charges: What you see is what you pay, no hidden or additional cost

  5. Best Strap Consultant: a) Fast Response;  b) Objective in helping you to choose the best straps,  c) Simple, Easy, & Friendly Culture


What got us started in business?

Hello everyone. My name is Adit. I worked with my partner, BunBun.

My business story began from love at the first sight with a Panerai. Firstly, I became Paneristi with the help of amazing Panerai enthusiast, Tunx. Afterward, I started to look for matching straps for my Panerai, and found that OEM strap prices are steep for my pocket. Furthermore, I really love the extraordinary feeling of having aftermarket straps which made my Panerai felt special than the others out there. This motivated me to look for further awesome straps sources in the market.

After a bit, I met the most famous and recognizable vintage strapmaker in the world, Peter Gunny.  Following by another marvellous strapmakers, Tunx, Salvadore-09, Celdy, Pulchers Leather, Simona Di Stefano, StrapWare, and Vintage Croco, I made StrapFreak to share my passion and interest by building one stop shopping store offering various collections of straps for any watches. Hereafter, I have a vision to gather, and work with all of best strapmakers over the world providing numerous variant of styles, concepts, and materials for all watch enthusiasts over the world. So, there are always something new every time you check at this site.

Even though I don’t make straps myself, I do pay intense concentration on every strap making procedure, from leather selection, creation, manufacturing, and quality control.  Therefore, I only picked out the best strapmaker in the world to work with, to provide the most awesome straps to you, and nothing less. 



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